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With Savage Turn 8 dead, Death and Taxes has secured the World 2nd Savage Sweep!

Nikephoros tag You guys really killed it this tier.
MonsterDunk canada 1st grats on ropers
Diva Divine tag So proud <3
Such a long journey but it is finally over.

Justinlando tagtag GG, excited to watch the kill vid in a moment
Liptonicetea tag about time
Vago tag congratz all
Well done on killing the boss.  Annoying fight, to be sure.
furty tag Nice job guys!
Layla wrong title mx
Blaine tag Good call on that double shriek incident. Great work guys.
DNT SWTOR has kept the "World 4th timed run" tradition alive in Dread Palace tonight. Congratulations to everyone involved, this helps make up for the late kill on council.

Watch the video of the run here.

Liptonicetea tag Awesome!
perturb Cheers all!
Wanted tag Awesome. Keep up the good work.


Jadugarr tag posted Jul 18, 14
After the most turbulent period in DNT SWTOR's history with retirements and leaves of absence we've killed the Dread Masters encounter in Nightmare Dread Palace. We're a month behind but we stuck it out and kept the guild together. Given the tumult and chaos in SWTOR's ops scene over the last month we can't be unhappy with this outcome. The last hurdle remaining this tier is the timed run.

Watch the video of the kill here

Antisnow tag yaaaaaaaay
α Macki tag good job guys
Blaine tag Congratz on the kill.
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