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During Letter from the Producer LIX, Naoki Yoshida acknowledges the top three free companies to clear Final Coil Of Bahamut (FCOB). Indeed, this acknowledgment included DnT's recent World 3rd clear of FCOB Turn Four and Savage Coil accomplishments.

Blackout tag Great job! Always proud to be a part of this guild! Keep it up
shasta tag sugoi!
Renori☆ミ tag This may seem small, but I'm pretty sure this is like the second time the game producer has recognized guilds by name.
Team Do-Your-Best Bear did their best by barely scraping by and beating up Bahamut Prime and scoring World 3rd. Drops were Ninja Daggers and a Bard Chestpiece. Congratulations guys!

In other news, Team Bulbasaur and Team Squirtle have had some success and are working on the Turn 13 grind themselves.

Dominion tag keep up the good work guys
Brazil tag Congration everyone, and happy birthday too
furty tagtag Nice job guys, grats!
Been kind of sparse on FFXIV news and mistakes were made on Turn 11, but we came back and hit Turn 12 hard and got world third. Video and guide will be posted on the forums later. Good job guys.

Hina tag Congratulations :")
Antisnow tag grats ...
justinlando tagtag Congrats! Excited to see the kill vid :)

After a hard fought weekend of some record setting dungeon speed runs, Guys I Don't Have Feedback [NoFB] was crowned the champion after defeating Snow Crows [SC] in two games.

More info on both guilds here:

Special thanks goes out to our generous sponsors Arenanet, Enjin and as well as all the community members who contributed to the prize pool.

Replays of every match available:

Congrats to the GW2 team for taking their first world record speed run of the new meta, by achieving a time of 10:20 for The Ruined City of Arah Path 2. This run bests the previous record of 10:38 set by Lupi Stole My Bike [LuPi].


Star Player Inactive Congrats guys
Bredgen tag Congrats guys.
nessiah tag DnT Stole My Record [GG Easy]
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