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I feed the darkness and the darkness feeds me.
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By Dominion 21 hours ago
Let us play. Please may we play. Allow us to play.
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By Dusty Slippers tagtag Thu at 05:39 pm
Games where you actually meet and interact with other creatures.
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By Dominion Thu at 03:37 pm
Guild Wars 2
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Seasonal store purchases for the 2%
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By Boxing Oct 14, 15
Welcome home, dungeoneers. This forum isn't going anywhere.
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By Swiftpaw Sharpclaw tag Jul 30, 15
PvE or PvP. Play how you want, as long as its my way.
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By Narc tag 10 hours ago
PvE or PvP. Anything goes so long as there will be blood.
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By Nike tag Jul 29, 15
Final Fantasy XIV
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Come here for an in depth analysis of bosses!
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By Edgedy Sat at 06:34 am
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